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Frequently Asked Questions

FAQs - Online Orders

FAQs - About Our Candles

How to Order

1. Select your items

Find the items that you wish to purchase and enter the quantity. Click Add to Cart. In the top right corner of your browser you will see the shopping cart's Items and the subtotal amount will increase each time you add an additional product.

2. View Cart or Checkout

In the top right corner of the website, you can click on either View Cart or Checkout which will bring you to your basket page. This page will give you more detailed information about your shopping basket. Here, you will have the option to select check out.

3. Checkout and Verify Order

When you click on the check out button, you will be asked to either enter your login details if you are an existing customer, or if you are a new customer you will be asked to enter your login details. You will then be taken to a simple process: contact details, delivery details, and payment information. You will then be asked to review your order. To complete your order, click on the confirm button.

4. Make Payment

Finally you will be asked to supply payment details via a secure server. This service is provided by Digital River. For more information about the Digital River payment process please visit Once payment has been completed you will be automatically sent a confirmation of your order.

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Forgotten Password

If you have forgotten your password you can request a new one to be sent to you. Simply go to the Login/Register page and click on "Forgot your password?"

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Card Security Code (CSC)

The CSC (or CVV2 number) on your credit/debit card is a security measure banks require for all transactions where cardholder is not present. Since the security code is listed on your card and not stored anywhere else, the only way to know the correct number is to physically have possession of the card itself.

Most credit/debit cards display the three digit code on the back of the card, after the card number in the signature strip. On American Express cards the security code is a four digit code and it appears on the front of the card in the top right corner.

If you cannot find your CSC please contact your card provider.

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Maestro and Solo Issue Number

When using a Switch card please enter the long payment number (the longest number displayed in the centre of the card, not the smaller account number at the base of the card.)

An issue number is only required for a Switch card. If your Switch card has no issue number, like some Royal Bank of Scotland cards, then leave this field blank.

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Accepted Cards

We accept most major credit/debit cards.

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Saving Payment Details

If you save your payment details it will make your Checkout process easier. Once your payment details are entered, your details will be stored in your account and you will not have to re-enter them again when you make your next order. You can also track your order status and order history.

Your password is unique to your email address and ensures that your account details remain secure. You can access your account information at any time to edit any of your account details.

Each time you return to this site, remember to sign in using your email and password.

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Does Yankee Candle use lead wicks?

Yankee Candle Europe does not use lead wicks in any of our candle products.

All of our products are manufactured with cotton wicks that are free from lead and safe to use.

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How can I keep my candles looking their best?

Keep your candles stored in a cool, dry place for them to look their best if not being used immediately.

Candles will discolour or fade when they are exposed to intense light for extended periods.

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Why do candle wicks sometimes become mushroom shaped?

This usually occurs when the wick needs to be trimmed. Extinguish the flame, and use our wick trimmer to trim the wick to 3mm and relight.

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Do you have a candle that "eats" smoke or cooking odours?

All our fragranced candles will mask smoke or cooking odours.

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Can I refill my jar candle when it is empty? Do you recycle the empty jars?

Glass weakens as it’s used, so we do not recommend refilling any of our candles for re-use as a candle. They do make great holders, for all kinds of things around the home. If you prefer to recycle, most local recycling agencies will accept empty Yankee Candle jars with other glass jars.

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How do I use Wax Melts®?

Place your Wax Melt® in the top of a Yankee Candle® Wax Melt Warmer. Do not add water. Use a Yankee Candle® unscented tea light candle, to heat the Wax Melt®. As it heats; it will release its fragrance. You can also mix different fragrances together to create your own unique blend of aromas.

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How do I remove candle wax from fabric?

Please consult laundry instructions provided by the manufacturer or a professional cleaner.

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How do you make your candles smell so authentic?

That's our secret! We actually have a committee dedicated to researching fragrances. Once the committee recommends a candle, a separate group of individuals from throughout our company test it for authenticity of fragrance and quality of burn.

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Which is your most fragrant candle?

Each candle fragrance is based on a true-to-life inspiration. For a stronger throw, consider one of our large jar candles or a Scenterpiece® Warmer.

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Why does it say to discontinue using the candle when 1cm of wax remains?

This is because the glass can get hotter as the flame nears the bottom and is to prevent any heat damage. We also recommend to using a heat resistant surface such as a candle tray to prevent any damage to your surfaces.

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Where’s my nearest store?

We have hundreds of retailers and stockist across Europe. To find your nearest stockist, please visit our store locator

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How do I make a complaint?

We’re sorry you’ve not been happy with our product or service. If you would like to get in touch; please visit our contact us page to submit your query.

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How can I become a stockist or retailer?

If you are interested in becoming a stockist or retailer; please contact one of our team to find out more.

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