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An easy way to add charm and interest to any room, our glass or ceramic votive holders make a dramatic impact arranged in multiples.

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Roly Poly Clear Glass Votive Holder

Roly Poly Clear GlassVotive Holder

Pastel Hues - Grey Votive Holder
0.0 out of 5 star customer rating of Pastel Hues - Grey(1)

Pastel Hues - GreyVotive Holder

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Original Price £2.99
Pastel Hues - Duck Egg Votive Holder

Pastel Hues - Duck EggVotive Holder

SALE £1.50

Original Price £2.99
Everyday Essential Votive Holder

Everyday EssentialVotive Holder

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Clear Bucket Votive Holder

Clear BucketVotive Holder

Bag of 25 Unscented Scented Tea Light Candles
4.5 out of 5 star customer rating of Bag of 25 Unscented(90)

Bag of 25 UnscentedScented Tea Light Candles

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Everyday Essential Tea Light Holder

Everyday EssentialTea Light Holder

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